The Aum Architect’s Identity

Aug 26, 2014


Aum Architects is an Indian Architecture and Interior Design Company based out of Mumbai, India. Contemporary architecture and design being our forte, we have fashioned projects not only all over the country, but also internationally. We have a very collaborative, friendly, user-centric design approach in the work we do. Our work is reflective of our modern yet functional sensibilities which stem from the principles of design.

The new identity had to thus be modern but grounded to the roots. We wanted something that stood out and had strength on its own.

The new logo is inspired and evolved from two main ideas.


As Aum Architects is a creative company and may not always need to use the logo in full, the identity involves variations.


The foremost purpose of an identity is to be able to communicate what the company stands for. The explorations of the Aum Architects identity allow for it to be dynamic and creative using basic elements. A variety of patterns and formations can be designed by breaking the logo further down into a dot and a square. 


The colours of the brand are extensions of the communication. 


The primary colours are black and white. The Black and White are used to depict opposite ends of the spectrum thus providing room for absolutely anything under the sun to be possible.
The secondary family colours are olive green and pink. Olive green stands for space, peace and wisdom whereas pink stands for beauty and nurturing. Thus encompassing the brands various attributes within itself.

The visiting cards are inspired by the identity system and built using the basic design principles of repetition, domination, symmetry and isolation which are used as a part of the design process.