How To Choose the Right Contractors for Your Dream Home?

Oct 09, 2014



Be it for the purpose of refurbishing, renovation or designing and building your dream house, a lot is at stake when you delegate these responsibilities to an external agency. In doing so, not only are you entrusting them with your time, money and energy, you are also letting them steer you towards fulfilling your life-long dream of owning that lovely house. While a seasoned residential architect or interior designer would passionately give flight to your dreams, opting for an unsuitable contractor could wreak havoc into your dream home project. 



Anticipating the ‘Real Picture’



Before you embark on any such project in association with a contractor, you need to have a prior understanding of the potential challenges of transforming the ‘on-paper’ design to a striking reality. The real picture behind any home construction or renovation project always has to do with issues like exceeding budgets, breached timelines, logistic delays, unfavourable weather conditions, structural issues and so on and so forth. Your ideal contractor is the one who will work on collaborating with you to resolve these issues as best as possible, chart out mutually agreed new deliverables wherever required and strive to meet the deliverables despite all such odds


Tips to Choose the Right Contractor


Based on how you deem fit, you could narrow down on one expert contractor to take up the entire project, or break up and delegate the tasks to a certain number of specialized personnel. But prior to making a choice, do make sure that you are good to go with the following aspects:


 Always liaise with a Licensed Contractor: It goes without saying that no matter how tight your budget is, you should always opt for a licensed contractor who is also well-versed with the legal aspects of the trade.


2.      Check their previous track record: You certainly would not want to make an investment on the shaky grounds of inexperience! Do ensure that the architectural firm has a suitable track record to prove their mettle. Ask for references, and do some solid research before you are satisfied.


3.      Define the Key Deliverables and the Project Plan: At the very outset, a discussion of the key deliverables from the project plan that include the quality issues, targets, budgetary constraints, deadlines and so on, is a must so that there is a mutual understanding.

4.      Ask why you should choose them: Demand to know why you should opt for their services, when there are several other viable options in the market. Getting to know their ‘extra-edge’ can always facilitate your final decision.


5.      Execute a Written Agreement with clear payment details: For a sound legal backing, all your project specifications need to be written and ratified in detail.




6.      Establish a one-point contact and escalation matrix: The external agency needs to be clear about whom you can contact as a single-point source of reference, and escalate upwards in case a problem remains unsolved despite following up.