Easy Tips to Transform Your Balcony

Oct 09, 2014


Whether it is to enjoy a wonderful, al-fresco coffee experience, or to savour the lovely breeze outside, or to simply make your neighbours go green with envy, a well-designed and beautifully decorated balcony has always been on the bucket-list of most home owners.

And it is truly fascinating to realize how much one can achieve out of a few creative design elements, clever use of space and a couple of handy tips to transform your balcony!

Let your Furniture compliment the shape of your balcony: Most residential interior architects often speak about how home-owners blindly purchase deck-furniture or hammocks, irrespective of the fact whether it suits the shape and size of their balcony or not.

To transform your balcony decor, your primary consideration should be to choose the right furniture that can be aligned with the walls, does not obstruct the moving space and is suitably coloured to complement the colour of your balcony walls.  Take your pick from bean bags, concrete slabs, recliners, classic cane patio furniture, pop-up furniture, handrail tables and much more. To each, his own!

Create a lush-green and colourful oasis: It’s time to bid adieu to the conventional potted plants that adorn most balconies, and say hello to out-of-the-box ideas like vertical free-standing herb gardens (that occupy very less space, and are high on visual appeal), Ikebana (traditional Japanese) arrangements, multi-tiered garden racks (a big space-saver again) and unique container gardens that are available in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes.

Tweak up the Lighting: While your balcony might have basic lighting already, an unconventional take on this design element can really transform the entire look of your balcony. You can also contribute your bit towards the environment by opting for solar-powered lights. Some interesting options include handrail t-lights, string lights, threshold lights, small chandeliers, antique wall-mounted lanterns and so on.

1.       Accessorize to impart a touch of elegance: You can choose to beautify your balcony with the tactical use of accessories like candles, candle stands, a warm-hued rug, colourful cushions, wall hangings, water cans, flower baskets, handrail perches, changeable wall units and several more of these fantastic options.

2.       Add a touch of versatility: Think of simple ways how your balcony can double up as a space that serves a purpose apart from rejuvenation. Install a small barbeque table in a corner, and you have a superb site for an outdoor grill to woo your guests. Or place a blackboard, some toys and mats to create a fun kids space for learning as well as playtime. You could even have a beautiful mirror fixed on the wall to create an extension of your vanity room!