Autumn Colour Ideas for Your Home

Nov 19, 2014


Each season holds its own signature colours like every person has his/her own personality traits. The advent of autumn calls in for pleasurable times, when the delightful chill in the air makes you want to stay in your blanket with a book and hot coffee to accompany you. Amenities inspired by autumn’s colour palette are a favourite for many of us. Be it the pale colour of the turning leaves or the warm earthy shades of red, brown, orange and rust, each colour attributes a certain amount of warmth and joy to your life.

Here are some easy ways to bring the beauty of the fall into your home and immerse yourself in the joys of this season.

How to begin

It is not necessary to change the décor of your home entirely to follow an autumn colour theme. You can very comfortably incorporate the fall colours and texture to your dwellings to complement your neutral colour theme with the touch of autumn.  One way is to use contrasting colours with the shades of autumn like combination of cool shades of blue, purple and green with brilliant red, orange, yellow and brown. A colourful bouquet of shaded leaves, bushes, pine cones, vines, multi-coloured flowers and twigs with bright red berries in the foyer will communicate about the ambiance inside the house.

Inspiring Ideas

It is the right time to cover your sofas and reading chairs with a cosy throw accompanied by some pillows and cushions in velvety gold, cranberry red or even deep green. A bland wall in one of your rooms can be rejuvenated into a lively one by fall colour palette inspired wallpaper or with natural rocks or leaves to augment it with patterns and textures. An eye- popping piece of colourful rug or furniture or even a nice arrangement of colourful flowers can accessories your room perfectly to add warmth in your dwelling place irrespective of the chill in the air outside.

Taking your pick of colours

Nature puts on a show in fall with colour palettes of plums, umber oranges, burgundy and rusty reds. If the weather is undergoing a change outside why not your interiors should depict the same. Use creative ways, easy tricks and DIYs to provide a tad of subtle fall-hues to your rooms. Spruce natural textures at various places like change the boring lampshade with a piece of linen. Replace the candles from whites and pinks to reds and oranges and surround them with acorns, berries, nuts and other fall feature. Depending on your personal preferences decorate pumpkins in variant styles and display them in a party. . Pick up a seasonal colour pattern and groom up a neutral table display for seasonal entertainment. Or you can go all creative by preparing a fall wreath for your outdoors with fresh flowers instead of purchasing an artificial flower wreath. The options are indeed endless!