Space Saving Ideas for Urban Homes

Nov 12, 2014


“The solution always lies well within the problem itself.”

As far as space constraints in our urban homes are concerned, this saying definitely holds ground! We all aspire to live in plush, spacious homes, but our urban houses are often space-deprived owing to the metropolises that are brimming with influx of residents. But using this lack of space to your advantage can actually help you with the optimum utilization of existing resources. Here are some ready reckoners to take you ahead:-

Optimizing your Living Room

As soon as you step in someone’s dwelling place, the first area you encounter is the living room. Small yet cleverly designed living room depicts your acumen. Instead of gigantic couches one should opt for sofa bunk beds which at time of need can convert your living room into an extra bed room. Flexible chairs and tables that fit into a shelf is another brilliant resort. Your TV should always be wall mounted for that extra floor area. Opt for hanging decorative pieces and lamps instead cluttering things on the floor.

Effective Kitchen Space Strategies

Maximum consumption of available space in the kitchen should be the next area of concern. An eventual remedy to this is Modular Kitchen strategy wherein you can create an efficient pantry by adding adjustable shelves, drawers and sliding doors. Work the walls by using hooks, shelves and rods to hang things rather than storing them on the work top. An island can also act as an extra workspace as well as a place to eat with room underneath for stools. A built in refrigerator act as a great space saving idea.

Making the most of Bedroom Space

Bedroom is a place which should be cosy and calming. A petite bedroom should be functionally designed by ensuring adequate usage of all the closets and storage units. Exclude all the unwanted stuff from your resting place and try to invest in multi-functional pieces like murphy beds, flip-flop or collapsible tables and folding chairs.

Livening up your Kids Room

A perfect bunk bed with modular study table for kids along with the trundle bed makes sure that you have enough space for your guests. Also a spacy cubby for keeping all the kids belongings adds as an auxiliary advantage. An assortment of stackable bins in various sizes can be constructed to give everything its own place. Under the bed storage drawers with wheels can be an easy accessible area for the child to store his/her belongings

Tackling Small-Bathroom Woes

Don’t let your creativity or dreams be suppressed by a small bathroom. With the use of clear front laundry sorter on wall and a shower and bathtub combo wherein the tub can have built-in drawers for keeping towels and other bathroom accessories, we can design a perfect bathroom. The area beneath the basin can be transformed into multiple shelves. Pocketed shower curtain can also provide you with that complementary space.

Innovative Storage Tips

Under-stair storage is a must for every small house. The area under the stair case can either be converted into a sitting place or a unit with multiple drawers or even a book shelf. False front drawers and cupboards side storage can be of great help in case you are short of space. Even behind the doors can be accessorised with hooks and rods to utilise even the tit-bits.