Considering wood flooring? Get expert advice here

Dec 12, 2014


Modern Architects and Interior Designer Firms nowadays have been emphasizing on the correct usage of wooden flooring. Thought of as a very classy, elegant and visually appealing option for homes, these floorings are quite in vogue, but heeding the advice of a trustworthy residential architect in this regard is equally important. Improper placement or wrong maintenance of your wooden flooring can literally wreak havoc in your life! Also, in order to choose the right option amongst solid wood, engineered and laminate flooring, it is best to consult an expert who can guide you well. Here’s our quick take on wooden floorings, encompassing all that you need to consider:-
When considering a wooden floor, before everything else you need to know how much area you will cover. It is advisable to measure the room and round up the figure to the nearest square meter. You can compare this coverage to the number mentioned on the packet which will identify the number of packs that will be needed to cover the entire floor. Always add an extra pack to make up for the damage during the installation process.
You can either choose tongue-and-groove or click-lock type of flooring as per the installation methods that will be used. The former is slightly complicated and can be hard to put together as doing it wrong can lead to gaps in between the planks. Latter form of flooring is firmer and when in place, can’t be moved that easily. Thus, it is much easier and quicker to install click-floors.
When buying the laminate, concentrate on getting the best quality as it expands and contracts a lot. Carefully review the package to check for any damage as the wooden boards can swell due to moisture if not packed properly. 
Even though engineered wood flooring looks just like the natural wood, it is always better to opt for the click-locking rather than going for tongue-and-groove. Since wood is natural, the planks may vary in appearance so it is better to check them in an in-store display before you make a purchasing decision.
Check with the manufacturer the underlay that will be required for your flooring. Some manufacturers may void the guarantee if the underlay is any different from the recommended one.
When choosing the finishing of the wood, it is more about the personal taste and less about any other aspect. It is better to get some samples home and try them in respective rooms to get the closest look possible to the real application. They may appear differently in a store in different light conditions and look completely different at home. Laminate has a light sheen and the wood can be lacquered, unfinished or even oiled as per the need of the room.