10 things to consider while designing your Kid’s Room

Dec 12, 2014


 With so many trends and fancy themes afloat, designing a kid’s room can be a fun as well as perplexing experience. While you can easily approach interior designers in Mumbai to impart a vibrant, professional appeal to your little munchkin’s room, undertaking the task on your own can be pretty exciting! A good residential architect would always advice you not to stick to standard notions and themes; just a little insight into the personal choices of your children can go a long way in adding personalized touch to their safe havens. Here are a few things to consider while designing your child’s room that will help you get started.

1. Make it easy for your kids to organize their rooms by installing shelves and cupboards that can be easily reached by them. 
2. Create an art centre in the room by using wainscoting and painting the wall with their favorite chalkboard paint. Ensure that the chalkboard paint is painted up to the chair level so that the kids can easily reach the area.
3. Get some glow in the dark paint in their rooms. Painting stars and moon on the ceiling will add an interesting touch to their décor and get them excited about the idea of turning off the lights.
4. Install temporary wall tattoos so that your kids can get involved in designing their rooms. These stickers can be easily removed and replaced over time. They are not only affordable but can also bring a fresh change to the room every now and then.  
5. Make collection fun for children. Hang their prized possessions from strings in their room so that they can stay connected to their personal space. You can also clip them to the windows or construct a creative border by stringing them along the wall.
6. Galvanized sheet of metal can be a good way of giving your kids a magnetic board to display their art or little something. This can be a fun way to invoke creativity amongst your children. 
7. If you need a fun pin-up space in the room, just get a peel-and-stick board that can be cut into any shape and stuck to any part of the room.
8. Watch your child grow with the help of non-toxic, water-based paints that can be used to take imprints of your child’s hand. This print can be put on a border around the room which is a welcome break from the monotonous growth chart that we commonly see in all the homes with growing kids.
9. Introduce multiple ambient lighting in the room to suit various activities. There should be a reading light, bedside light, night light, etc. This will help them use the lighting as per their requirements. But of course, there should be enough natural light entering the room to keep it bright and ventilated.
10. If you are painting the furniture in their room, make sure that you involve your kids in the process. Let them get their choice of design with their personal signature like hand prints, etc. so that they can value it for a long time.