All you need to know about Built-Up, Super Built-Up & Carpet Area

Dec 12, 2014


 It’s not just famous interior designers and interior architects who need to know the concepts of Built-Up, Super Built-Up and Carpet Area in detail; home buyers who are not aware of these concepts are often subject to a great deal of confusion. On part of the seller or agent as well, the inability to precisely measure the home’s square footage can lead to disputes. To know that you are paying a reasonable amount for the house that you are buying, you need to know the price of the home per square feet. There can be a significant difference in the value of the house based on the layout, even though they may have the same square footage. To make this easier for you to understand, here is the definition of Built-Up, Super-Built-Up and Carpet Area.

Carpet Area 
Carpet Area is calculated based on the actual usable area in your house, office, showroom, etc. minus the thickness of the wall. This is the actual area that falls between the walls and can be used to lay the carpet, from one end to another. While the carpet area is being calculated, the balconies and the terrace are considered as half of the actual area. 
Built Up Area
This area is inclusive of the carpet area and the thickness of the external walls, internal walls as well as the columns are taken into consideration while calculating. Typically, the Built-Up Area accounts 10%-20% of the Carpet Area. It is also referred to as the plinth area in technical terms. For the calculation of the Built-Up Area, half the area of terrace is taken into consideration. 
Super Built Up Area
Super Built-Up Area is the combination of built area plus the common amenities such as lifts, shafts, corridor, lobby, etc. which is proportionately divided among all the apartments in the building. There is also a possibility of including other commonly used areas such as swimming pools, clubs, gardens, etc. This is the reason why this term is only applicable in case of homes that are multi-units. 
The per-square foot rate that is quoted by the seller or the developer is applied as per the Super Built-Up Area which helps in determining the actual value of the property. This is why it is also called as the area of commercial value which covers over 25% of the built up area. The percentage of the actual area varies from one project to another. These terms will help the buyer understand that the payment of the property is being made as per the Super Built-Up Area.