Homes Around The World: Italy

Jan 13, 2015


Italian Homes and Décor are extremely popular amongst commercial interior designers across the world. The architecture of homes in Italy is coveted for its impeccable style and supreme elegance which is complemented with high quality furnishings to finish the look. Historically, Renaissance style and architecture had originated in Florence, Italy as early as the 15th century. Since then, this design has been tweaked to suit the modern day and age style requirements. There are two prevalent schools of thought when it comes to Italian décor – Old World Ornate and Classy Elegant Modern Design.

Depending upon your preferences and personal tastes, you can between either of the two choices. Here are some top reasons why Italian homes are so popular around the world. 

An epitome of Luxury

Needless to say, ornate or modern, both the designs have their own elements of classic elegance which belongs to this gene-pool. They are literally said to be layered in luxury from the tip of the ceiling to the floor. Every detail has been crafted with utmost quality and craftsmanship. While the ornate ones will have elaborated fittings and glossy finish, the modern Italian home is no less a sign of luxury with its graceful minimalism coupled with luxury designs.

Elegance from end to end

This is a home that will characterize class and fine taste, be it traditional or contemporary style of design. They maintain the theme of elegance from one room to another with rich tapestry and superior choice of furnishings to make a house look like saturated in magnificence.

Exquisite use of tiles, stone and marble

Italian history is dotted with mention of stones like marble and terra cotta. It only makes natural sense that it also made its way into the interior decoration of their homes. These stones are crafted with geometric designs and inlaid artistry which is one of its kind and unique in so many ways. It adds instant glamour to a room with its shine and opulence, even if the interior are minimalistic. 

Sleek and Supreme Quality Furnishings

The main idea behind an Italian home is to have everything in perfect harmony with one another. This is what makes a house perfect as all the details have been carefully thought out and only the finest quality has been used in its designing. Italian interiors extremely sensational and are a great symbol of class.

The Verdict

Regardless of what your preference may be in terms of design, as in modern or traditional, the Italian style homes are the one that exude luxury. With top quality furnishings to exclusive designs, an Italian home is a designer’s dream come true. If you are the one designing your home yourself then buy the best of everything to complete your Italian décor. But if incase you are on a budget, then you can also stick with one or two quality pieces as focal points and keep the room minimalistic.