Easy Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Jan 09, 2015


The earth is a common home that we all share, and while it’s not been designed or fancily decorated by commercial interior designers like our own individual homes, we can all play our parts of protecting it by making our homes eco-friendly. You are not just responsible for the upkeep of your own house but also the surrounding environment. Over the years, with technological advancement and growth of population, a lot of atrocities have been inflicted on our surroundings. Now it is time to take stock of the damage done and start making our individual contributions by transforming our homes into eco-friendly homes.

Here are some tips to give you a head start!

Reduce your energy consumption

Electrical appliances make up the most of your energy bills which can be saved by purchasing only those ones that have energy star logo on them. Instead of using incandescent bulbs, invest in CFLs that cost and energy efficient.

Use water efficiently

Although people may find it hard to reduce their dependence on water, but the main idea behind preserving water is to eliminate wastage. You buy taps that have low flow and high pressure so that only as much water is used as required.

Good old recycling

Recycling is the buzzword when it comes to environment friendly talk. This technique helps in reusing the items that are available in the environment without utilizing fresh resources. You can also use the items from your home for composting purpose. Any organic material can be used to make compost as long as oxygen content does not shrink. Oxygen is necessary for the natural decaying of the compost to occur. These organic materials like food products, leaves, hays etc can be left in a bin to decay. The final product is very fertile and is beneficial in your home gardens.

Use natural or eco friendly home cleaners

The cleaning solutions that we use every day are made of chemicals and pollute your house just as much they pollute the environment. All these chemicals are washed down into the environmental system through the drainage system and contaminate the water bodies. This is why it is recommended that you either use natural cleaners that are devoid of all these harmful toxic chemicals or use the ones that you can make at home. Vinegar when mixed with water can be used to clean variety of surfaces around the house. You can also use natural fragrances such as cinnamon, dried orange peels etc to make your home smell good rather than relying on aerosol based room fresheners. These are just some of the small steps that you can take to start your journey towards making this earth a healthy planet. Each of us needs to start taking ownership for the environment as much as we take for your homes!