Straight from the Silver Screen! Top Movie-themed Homes

Feb 13, 2015


From movie-themed parties, wedding invites, party games and cakes to movie-themed T-shirts and party favours, the silver screen has left an indomitable touch in most of our lives. Over the past decade, many commercial interior designers have been receiving requests for decorating homes, based on specific movie themes. While this might come across as a surprise for some, movie buffs and creative interior architects will go all the way to replicate the ‘silver-screen’ effect in these movie-themed homes. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Barney and Betty’s Abode

You guessed it right! We’re talking about a Flinstones-themed house located in Malibu that belonged to Dick Clark and his family. Although they stayed here only occasionally, the residential architects involved in the project have stated how passionately the entire cinematic home of the much-loved Flinstones couple, has been recreated here. Even though at its luxurious best, this ‘cave home’ has a characteristic ‘cave-like’ decor and a splendid view of the ocean!

Beam me up, Scotty!

It takes an immense amount of planning, in-sights, investment and of course, the services of an extremely creative residential architect or team of residential interior designers to create a Star Trek- themed home. Well, that’s exactly what Marc Bell did with his abode in Florida. Right from swishing doors and sound effects to star-clad ceilings and a host of memorabilia and costumes, this is a much-coveted place is a life-size tribute to the Star Trek series. And before you thought that it couldn’t go any further, a die-hard fan Tom Nichols has created a similar zone and rents it out for weddings, events or even for a night’s stay. Indeed a great way to get paid back for indulging in your passion!

The Elrod House

An exquisite fusion of architecture with natural splendours, the Elrod House in California was the actual site where the popular James Bond flick ‘Diamonds are forever’ was shot. Renowned American residential architect John Lautner built this architectural marvel and it has the site’s original rocks incorporated as a part of its interior designing, while the classic decor and plush interiors best reflect the unbeatable charm opulent style of James Bond. Famous Interior Designers across the world can draw inspiration from this architectural wonder!

Welcome to Hogwarts!

We’re referring to the world’s first Harry Potter-themed hotel suite that has been created at the Georgian House in London. ‘Potter-maniacs’ will simply go bonkers with its exact Hogwarts-style Gothic rooms, complete with potion bottles, cauldrons, magic wands, feathers, school trunks and much more! Incidentally, the top interior designers and commercial architects who created this fantastic suite aimed at attracting families with kids, but it has also become a rage amongst couples who have grown up reading and watching Harry Potter. As Albus Dumbledore has aptly quoted, where your treasure is, there will your heart be also!