Homes Around the World: Australia

Feb 07, 2015


residential architectural grandiose of Australian, in both the traditional terms as well as the contemporary terms. Being a team of leading architect in Mumbai, we are passionate about incorporating ideas from residential architects and commercial interior designers from across the world. And Australia is definitely a place where you can find some of the most inspiring architecture ideas and best homes around the world!

Evolution of Erstwhile Architectural Styles

It was in the 17th Century when the first European Settlers visited Australia, and while the same led to the annihilation of the aboriginal cultures, the first classic Victorian and Georgian Style Terraced Homes and Town Houses were constructed here, which usually belonged to Plantation Owners during the Colonial Era. The first Californian Style Bungalows were constructed here at the dawn of the 20th century, with the use of stone, timber and bricks, as well as the predominance of features like columns on the front veranda and construction of picket fences. Interior Architects from the US and UK were commissioned to construct some of the most majestic residences in this island nation.

Advent of Modern Styles

Towards the late 20th century, a number of modern residential architectural forms evolved, most of which were not just based on the aesthetic appeal as witnessed earlier, but were also largely influenced by the topography, climatic conditions, environmental aspects and practical considerations. Here’s a look at some of them from an interior architects point of view.

Brick and Timber Suburban Homes

These two or three-storey mansions are generally found in the suburbs, and boast of large bay windows, tiled and sloping roofs, patios, verandas and triple-fronted brick veneers. Although contemporary interior architects have referred to them as unimaginative, these are the most popular homes for large families looking to live a peaceful life in the suburbs, away from the chaotic cities.

Quaint Coastal Cottages

Constructed of timber and cement, these simple and quaint cottages are extremely common in coastal Australia. Not only do these provide for cost-effective and hassle-free construction, but are also sturdy and practical.

Ranch-Style Houses

A direct influence of settlers from the southern US states, the characteristic feature of these homes are their floor-to-ceiling windows and largely rectangular structure. These are very commonly adopted by famous interior designers in New South Wales.

Open-Patio lined Pavilion Homes

A lot of glass and steel is used for the construction of this sleek style. This is a minimalistic and compact kind of home that derives its popularity for its suave look and maximum use of limited space. Well, open patios to such an extent, are certainly not a practical or viable option for an architect in Mumbai!

Newman Architecture

The Newman Architectural Style has basically evolved from the notion of shunning most aesthetics for functionality. Since it has originated in Newman, which happens to be an arid place with frequent dust storms, the stainless steel construction provides the much required stability while the elevation of the house protects it from cyclones and hurricanes.