10 Budget Decor Ideas

Feb 28, 2015


Being amongst the top interior designers in India, we are often asked about why home decor is such a pocket-pinching area. But to be really honest, a dash of creativity and a pinch of imagination are the magic ingredients that can make your home look like a million bucks! For instance, if you in reside in Mumbai, it would undoubtedly be the best decision to opt for the services of professional interior architects and interior designers in Mumbai, but for those who seek budget decor ideas to tweak their home aesthetics, here are 10 fabulous ideas to take you ahead!

1. Create a focal wall:

In a large living room, drawing-cum dining room or even your kid’s bedroom, you can add an interesting twist to the decor by painting one wall in a contrasting colour or textured paint. Innovative ideas like covering the wall with paint chips or wall flowers will brighten up your home decor for sure!

2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

The best interior designers in India are focussing on the concept of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. Some of the most inspiring pieces of home decor can be created from waste products that we tend to discard. For instance, painting empty glass bottles in a vibrant frenzy of colours can yield attractive flower vases.

3. Art from the Internet:

There’s certainly no dearth of mesmerizing pictures and artistic snaps on the internet. Whether it’s Pinterest or Instagram, take your pick of the images you want to adorn your walls and get them framed in small or medium sizes. Now that’s a smart and cost-effective way of being an art lover!

4. Make the best use of Carpet Squares:

Yet another instance of recycling, there are plenty of innovative ways of using carpet squares, right from creating a lovely rug to fashioning a chic wall-hanging.

5. From stains to elegance:

Why discard a stained tablecloth when you can cut a uniform circle, stitch some lovely lace around it and right there, you have a designer tablecloth! The simplicity of this idea will certainly impress even commercial interior designers.

6. Purchase multi-purpose furniture:

For all those who’re short on space, the next time you go furniture shopping, go in for contemporary models like the couch that doubles up as a bunker bed, or a coffee table that is also a storage unit.

7. Liven up with food:

Interior Architects know for a fact that the kitchen is often the place which is least emphasized for decor. If you have ample space, try and place tiny potted herbs on a ledge, or if you are short on space, use an attractive display of citrus fruits in tall glasses as a centrepiece on your coffee table.

8. Fluorescent Paint:

Experiment with a fluorescent paint design on your bedroom wall or ceiling. Many famous interior designers in Mumbai have advocated the creative use of fluorescent paints.

9. Pebbles in Glass:

Use painted or plain pebbles in a long narrow glass or even a small glass bowl to decorate a side table. 10.Wallpaper Headboard: Cut out some leftover wallpaper in a decorative shape, and you lovely stick-on virtual headboard for your bed!