Smart Homes are Here!

Mar 10, 2015


Looking for smart solutions and centralized control for your home appliances? 

The top interior architects in Mumbai are ever-willing to customize state-of-the-
art homes to your satisfaction. For those who are relatively new to the concept 
of a smart home, it refers to a centralized home automation system that controls 
all technical aspects of your home, right from the Lighting and HVAC Systems, 
to the Security Panel, Heating and so on. With smartphones and tablets virtually 
dominating every facet of our daily lives, smart homes are strong contenders to 
take the mantle from them in terms of revolutionary technology!
What’s new?
Smart Homes have been in vogue ever since the advent of ‘wired homes’ in the 
US after the 1950s. Being the top interior architects in Mumbai, we’d like to 
provide you with a glimpse of what’s the latest on the block. For instance, if you 
do not like to relinquish complete control, there are sub-units within smart homes 
instead of a master control panel that controls all systems and appliances. The 
best example would be a Bedside Control Unit with a touch screen that enables 
you to control your bedroom lighting, air-conditioning, alarm and also enables 
you to set reminders, trigger emergency alarms and have an in-built night light. 
How does it work?
The top interior architects in Mumbai have studied home automation trends in 
the past decade, and stated the fact that the smart home trends are gradually 
moving from being expensive and grandiose, to being more user-friendly and 
Pros versus Cons
Top interior architects in Mumbai have voiced their opinions with regard to 
the advantages and disadvantages of smart homes in the Indian market. While 
this trend is extremely commonplace in the West, the concept is yet to gain 
widespread popularity in India. On a positive note, smart homes with centralized 
control enable one to save on energy and instil a great deal of convenience 
in operating various electrical units. The downside however could include a 
high initial investment, complexity of operating and the risk of relying on a 
single control panel for all home systems. Despite this ongoing debate, Indian 
consumers are definitely much more receptive to the concept of smart homes, 
than they were a decade earlier. 
Homes of the Future
If you’ve grown up during the 1980s and 1990s, we bet you’ve fantasized living 
in a sky-high columned ‘Jetsons’ Home with robot maids and push-button 
conveniences. The top interior architects in Mumbai are affirmative of developing 
such smart homes with great finesse, with the exception of the floating space-age 
columns of course!