Welcome to Aum Architecture.  We are all about designs that range from contemporary to traditional with a USP of quick turnaround time. We stand apart from the crowd as we are completely flexible and willing to mould designs to our client’s requirements. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that every project we undertake has a freshness and novelty to it with an assurance of top class quality.

Art Deco Apartment
The client brief to us for the 3 Bedroom residence was to create an exclusive and cozy home for them and their two daughters. The client had given us  an upper hand on the design. We decided to go for the currently trending Art Deco theme in majority of the house; right from the entrance of the house to the master bedroom . At the entrance is a very architectural element from that style; a big key stone with golden trimming reminiscent of Empire State building.

The voluminous living room of the 7300 sq.ft. of apartment  was separated into four sections namely the formal living area, informal living area, entrance lobby and dining. Each of the area is exquisitely distinct in character driven by the functionality. In this huge palette we have experimented with various styles but major influence being Mid-century modern. Clean lines, warm wooden tones along with substantial use of vibrant colour strewn across the elongated formal living area. The informal area has a Asian influence and transgresses into the adjacent room thats been converted into one of the private offices. A customised fabric ceiling runs through this area into the formal area. With subtlety we have transitioned spaces in this huge living room. All the six bedrooms have been tastefully done, each bedroom has a definite style one of them being the master bedroom which is designed around Semi-classical theme whereas another bedroom has been done in a very contemporary way.

4 Bed Mumbai Apartment

 Four bedroom Mumbai Suburban apartment belonging to a south indian client is designed with contemperary elements with a touch of their culture. Located in the eastern suburb of Chembur, it has an amazing view of the cityscape from the balconies.

BC Webwise Office


“I dream my painting and then i paint my dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh.

A creative work space has to be a trigger, impulsive, inspiring and relevant at the same time. While designing this 6000sq.ft. office space in the heart of Mumbai we had to create a reflection of their indulgences with one hitch it had to all be done keeping the existing office furniture from the previous owner . The client has a creative workforce and wanted an immediate representation of the same all around.  Working on an existing office having retained the fixed elements like the modular furniture, cabins, conference room the challenge was to create an impactful.

3 Bedroom Pune apartment

 Heart is where the home is. The client requirement was simplified and they wanted to have a home

that reflected their personalities at the same time gave the warmth and coziness. The 1200 sq.ft.
apartment in Pune had to be designed following “form follows function”. This helped to evolve the
design as the requirement was streamlined and utilitarian. The client need was not to have anything
cosmetic that would make the house feel like a restaurant but like a home instead. These days
designs tend incline towards a very superficial agenda. Hence we sat down with the client and broke
down their requirement. After a basic necessity was in place we evolved the design from it. The
apartment is 3 bedroom, a large living space that spills over into a terrace. The open and airy
character of the apartment was retained.
Rishi Godha Apartment

 This 2 bedroom apartment is amalgamated with an existing 2 bedroom apartment to make it into a luxurious 4 bedroom apartment. Located in the western suburbs of Jogeshwari

4 Bedroom Apartment

Located in the prime residential zone of Mumbai City, this 4 bedroom apartment is designed for a family of 4 members. With an addtional guest bedroom and a Tv lounge area, each room is designed keeping in mind the user preference. Total area of this apartment is 1400 sqft. 

Tiny house

A tiny 320 sqft apartment  with a living cum bedroom along with a kitchen and toilet is designed in the residential quater of mumbai. All the characters of the building, constructed in 1918 were maintained and transformed into a livable studio apartment.

Mahindra Lifespace showflat

L'artista, and exclusive artistic influence apartment building in the india city of Pune, had its requirement for designing a show (sample) apartment. Our task was to keep the basic artistic essence of the building and design the interior living space. Totally 3100 sqft of livable space along with 1400sqft terrace 

Chillr Office

 This is a 3300 sqft office interior for a start up Chillr. The parent company is MobMe.

Located in Bandra, Mumbai, the design reflects the work culture of the client with trendy lounge space to relax during the working hours helping the maximum output from their team.

Show Flat - Ashville

Designed for a reputed real estate developer in Mumbai, this 4 bedroom apartment with its extense balcony has been designed with its large windows in mind. Each room has its own private balcony overlooking the green view around it. Each artefact and furniture has been handpicked or designed by Aum Architects 

4200 sqft Duplex Apartment

House designed on the 22nd floor for a family of four in the western suburb of Mumbai. Each bedroom is designed with a specific concept as expressed in these photographs.

CeX Birmingham Martineau

 This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Ayr

 This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Waterford

 This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Tralee

 This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Tallaght

 This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Santry

 This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Letterkenny

 This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Ennis

 This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Dublin Stillorgan

This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

CeX Cork ROI

This project is designed for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -

Cex Cork Douglas

Store located in shopping centre in Ireland. This is for the electronic giant CeX Ltd - Complete entertainment exchange -


Saidham Sample Flat

680 sqft sample flat has been designed keeping in mind the buyers and variation of individual taste. 

3 Bedroom Mumbai Apartment
3 Bedroom Apartment

 A family of 4 having shifted to this small industrial town in South India, needed an urban living style. Keeping this principal in mind contemporary elements to the house were added with minimal structural changes. 

The Bombay Custom House Agents Association Office

The Bombay Custom House Agents Association Office BCHAA is one of the oldest organisation for Custom House agents in India. Having their head office in Nariman Point (Downtown Bombay), primary focus has been to accommodate the numerous members of the organisation.

Living and Dining Room

One of the initial projects Aum Architects had designed with minimal support team. This was a large living room of an apartment in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai city 

Mittals Residence

2 x 3 bedroom apartments were merged to make way for this grand 6 bedroom apartment in eastern suburbs of Mumbai. This spacious home covered by Trends was designed and executed with fit outs in 72 days flat incorporating modern elements as its theme. 


Maflow India Office

With brand guidelines from the Parent Company, this 8000 sq feet office was designed and executed within the factory premise of the Polish Car Parts manufacturing company. Based in the IT park of pune this project was completed in record time. 

Row House in New Bombay

A compact row house in New Bombay, India makes way for a beautiful home for a family of 4. Additional floor space was added in the upper floor & the living room was extended to cover the parking space for a patio.
A simple modern contemporary living room with a sleek dining room accessorized to give a warm cozy look to this house.



Nimesh Shahs residence

This 2 BHK house was converted into a 4 Bedroom Duplex Apartment in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai. It’s a symphony of modern design meets traditional concepts. The dining room with its floral themes table, chairs and mirror’d accessories were the owners pride. 

Guest House in Tirupati

 A high flying business tycoons 5 star retreat demands were met with this home with a garden and a hanging terrace complete with a Balinese Gazebo.  The master bedroom done in contemporary theme with a see through bathroom. The guest bedroom stands out with its four postal bed. And a third bedroom designed keeping in mind the Japanese tea rooms.

Parel House of Sanjay Shah

 A very tastefully done-up house where the three bedrooms are a reflection of the people living in it. The master bedroom has been done up in a contemporary style. The bedroom belonging to the daughter is a fusion between French Riviera and modern elements. And the son’s bedroom has an Asian Rustic Style to it. The living room is basically a classic mash-up of all these themes put together. Each of the bathrooms reflects the bedroom styles. The kitchen is unique in the sense that the cabinets are white and the flooring, counter and kitchen backsplash are all in dark hues.

SIWS Kindergarten school

This is a school that was established pre independence. We stepped in to refurbish their entire Kindergarten section. A lot of experimentation went in to keep it at par with the private schools across Mumbai. Design concepts were created keeping in mind a three year old kid. The highlights were the interactive tables for the teacher and students, the very kid-friendly bathroom facilities and rubberized flooring as a safety measure.

Swapnil & Chhavi

The design brief for this particular house was that the young couple, it was designed for, wanted to come back to a house which is their artistic playground. The WOW factor in the house was the composite marble flooring which they wanted to showcase hence the furniture in the living room is floating in the air. Two of the bedrooms made way for a study and a den for the gaming loving husband. 

Dawn India

An interesting project of a tiny 600 sq. ft office at an old building in Kala Ghoda , south Mumbai.  Since it faced the iconic Taj Mahal hotel and the gorgeous skyline, the walls were punctured to create an artificial balcony so the uninterrupted view could be enjoyed. Bamboo plants were planted to stave off the afternoon heat. It also had a very non traditional CEO’s cabin with lots of walking space and a relaxed look and feel to the room. 

AMRI India Pvt Ltd

An 8000 sq. ft commercial project for AMRI (Albany Molecular Research Inc) project that we conceptualised, designed, executed and handed over in 75 days flat. The requirement was fairly simple and it had to be a practical yet comfortable office. This office space had lots of natural light coming in, hence to maximise it, low height partition cubicles were built. 

Nine Globe Industries Office

A terrace office was designed keeping in mind the overcrowding surroundings of Lower Parel, to create a haven for its workers. The reception area is in with the times while the highlight of the office is the terrace which was designed keeping the Balinese element in mind.