BC Webwise Office


“I dream my painting and then i paint my dream.” - Vincent Van Gogh.

A creative work space has to be a trigger, impulsive, inspiring and relevant at the same time. While designing this 6000sq.ft. office space in the heart of Mumbai we had to create a reflection of their indulgences with one hitch it had to all be done keeping the existing office furniture from the previous owner . The client has a creative workforce and wanted an immediate representation of the same all around.  Working on an existing office having retained the fixed elements like the modular furniture, cabins, conference room the challenge was to create an impactful.


Welcome to Aum Architecture. We are all about designs that range from contemporary to traditional with a USP of quick turnaround time. We stand apart from the crowd as we are completely flexible and willing to mould designs to our client’s requirements.

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