3 Bedroom Pune apartment

 Heart is where the home is. The client requirement was simplified and they wanted to have a home

that reflected their personalities at the same time gave the warmth and coziness. The 1200 sq.ft.
apartment in Pune had to be designed following “form follows function”. This helped to evolve the
design as the requirement was streamlined and utilitarian. The client need was not to have anything
cosmetic that would make the house feel like a restaurant but like a home instead. These days
designs tend incline towards a very superficial agenda. Hence we sat down with the client and broke
down their requirement. After a basic necessity was in place we evolved the design from it. The
apartment is 3 bedroom, a large living space that spills over into a terrace. The open and airy
character of the apartment was retained.


Welcome to Aum Architecture. We are all about designs that range from contemporary to traditional with a USP of quick turnaround time. We stand apart from the crowd as we are completely flexible and willing to mould designs to our client’s requirements.

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