The voluminous living room of the 7300 sq.ft. of apartment  was separated into four sections namely the formal living area, informal living area, entrance lobby and dining. Each of the area is exquisitely distinct in character driven by the functionality. In this huge palette we have experimented with various styles but major influence being Mid-century modern. Clean lines, warm wooden tones along with substantial use of vibrant colour strewn across the elongated formal living area. The informal area has a Asian influence and transgresses into the adjacent room thats been converted into one of the private offices. A customised fabric ceiling runs through this area into the formal area. With subtlety we have transitioned spaces in this huge living room. All the six bedrooms have been tastefully done, each bedroom has a definite style one of them being the master bedroom which is designed around Semi-classical theme whereas another bedroom has been done in a very contemporary way.


Welcome to Aum Architecture. We are all about designs that range from contemporary to traditional with a USP of quick turnaround time. We stand apart from the crowd as we are completely flexible and willing to mould designs to our client’s requirements.

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